Blomberg KNM1561I Built-in Fridge Freezer (50:50 Split)
Blomberg KNM1561I Built-in Fridge Freezer (50:50 Split)

Blomberg KNM1561I Built-in Fridge Freezer (50:50 Split)

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Built-in Fridge Freezer (50:50 Split)

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All fridge freezers help keep your food fresh, but not all keep it as fresh for as long. This Blomberg BI fridge freezer has a range of features specifically designed so your food keeps its flavour and retains vitamins for longer, which means less waste and a healthier diet.

The KNM1561I has a large 155 litre refrigerator compartment, and part of this is specially designed for your fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. The super fresh zone maintains temperatures just above freezing (0 to 3°C) and controls the humidity to preserve your food. It works so efficiently that fresh foods lasts up to twice as long as it would in a regular fridge.

Blomberg have also considered hygiene in the design of this fridge freezer, making sure that bacteria, mould and algae don’t have a chance to grow. The antibacterial seals, handles and door fittings help, while Blomberg’s patented hygION technology works wonders on the inside. This is a silver based coating that naturally eliminates germs.

As for the freezer, the KNM1561I offers 62 litres of space, with three transparent drawers and a compartment with a flap. The transparency means you can see exactly what you need without having to waste time and energy rummaging, and there’s plenty of room to freeze leftovers to save yourself money on food. As the freezer has a 4-star rating, you can freeze food from fresh and keep it for up to a year.

Blomberg’s BI fridge freezers are built-in, meaning they’re integrated into your kitchen units and hidden from view. Although the KNM1561I is an attractive fridge on the inside with glass shelves and chrome fittings, it blends with the look of your kitchen for a harmonious feel.

As an ethical company, Blomberg are always looking for ways to produce more energy efficient products. This particular fridge freezer has an A energy rating, so you can save money on your electricity bills while being sure you’re helping to protect the environment. There’s also a 3 year guarantee, which means you won’t have to buy a new appliance any time soon, saving the planet’s precious resources and putting less pressure on your wallet.

If this product looks almost perfect, but you’d like a little more fridge and a little less freezer, the Blomberg KNM1551I has a similar spec with a slightly different layout inside.


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